GDPR (European data protection regulation) solutions.

From survey to realization. Ask for information.

GDPR consultancy
  • the whys and meaning of GDPR (EU Data Protection Regulation)
  • the possibilities of eliminating of fines
  • the risks of IoT solutions
  • the false safety of the virus killers
  • some new theft techniques of hacker’s world
  • the myth of „the hacker can get everything”

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Data & Information Protection.

From survey to practical implementation.

GDPR consultancy
  • protection of mobile devices and other data storages.
    (RF shielding, passive protection with high efficiency)
  • protected e-mails instead of traditional e-mail
  • professional and controlled data exchange instead of unknown solutions regardless of the extent secure storage of data and information, accessing, sharing and transferring with own or rented solutions in private and office environments.
  • safe voice, chat, and video conferences with partners. With a safe standard solution or a unique personalized solution.
  • ZeroDay protection solutions (real virus protection, not only for "viruses", scripts and other target attacks, if you need PRO protection

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Special SOLUTIONS for practical problems.

Customized management of the security deficiencies of the nowadays fashionable or work-oriented smart devices and smart system solutions.

GDPR tanácsadás
  • protected meeting rooms
  • protected meetings
  • protected data storages

In order to overlook the „SMART & SAFE” contradiction, we give you some briefings of nowadays domestic and international problems, if you like regarding misunderstandings, urban legends or "scams".

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